The Mason Journal is an extension of the Toronto-based interior design firm, Mason Studio.  The Journal is an ever growing collection of curated content and original interviews from the finest minds in Canadian art and design; those who Mason Studio has worked with, those who will soon join the team and those who are simply driving our community to great heights.

The Journal came about from Mason Studio to simply document and share the love of new talent and has grown to become a platform to uncover the up and coming that makes the Canadian creative industry turn.  The work displayed on this site is curated by the Mason Studio partners, Ashley Rumsey & Stanley Sun, but with an invaluable team of contributors who search the land and point us to exciting work.

We are always looking for new work to show off. If you would like to join the Journal, have work you would like to nominate or just want to let us know what you think, contact Mason Journal at:

(Photo by Jaime Hogge)